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Pictured: Top: Canadian music star Drake will be touring Australia for the first time next year at the Future Music Festival 2015. See our Festival News section for all the details.

Bottom: Beautiful Melbourne-based model Georgia Gibbs has been recently crowned Miss Tourism Australia 2014.

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey (Son of God) have joined Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures and Paramount Pictures’ Ben-Hur, it was announced recently by Gary Barber, MGM’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Paramount Pictures. The studios will co-produce the film, which is set for release on February 26, 2016. Burnett joins producers Sean Daniel (The Mummy Franchise) and Joni Levin (The Way Back), while Downey joins as an executive producer. Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted) will direct the film.

Diamond Noir have established a modern and genuinely original sound, riddled with both pop and metal elements as well as boasting classic vocals hooks, grinding guitar riffs, sub slamming bass and polished with a distinctly industrial sonic edge. Monsters is indeed a beastly release. Confident and at times intimidating, six tracks spill forth in such a sultry, salient manner, it’s hard to believe this is a debut release.

The Empty Hearts, a new band featuring members of The Cars, Blondie, The Romantics and The Chesterfield Kings, are on the verge of releasing their eponymous debut album. The band, consisting of four iconic players and musical peers, features Elliot Easton on lead guitar, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Clem Burke on drums, Wally Palmar on vocals and guitar, and Andy Babiuk on bass.

Missed deliveries and lengthy returns processes will soon be a thing of the past for Sydney shoppers, with Broadway Shopping Centre, The Iconic and ParcelPoint announcing the launch of The Collection Bar at Broadway.

Faraway Films Entertainment is delighted to announce that legendary dancer Carlos Acosta is confirmed to star in the Australian feature film Tackling Romeo, set for local production in late 2014.


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Order Of Chaos - Deadweight Undertow

Overall, ‘Deadweight Undertow’ is another step for the band from ‘Eyehate Swansongs’. Production wise, the band’s latest effort sounds a little more refined, as too does the song writing, without any real change of style evident throughout from what the band have delivered in the past.

Mutagenocide - Devolve

Although I’d be hard pressed to brand Mutagenocide’s sound as truly original or ground-breaking, I have to admit that what the band do in terms of the technical thrash/groove metal genre, they do damn well. And while I’m not sure what the band offer up here could translate as effectively as it would over the course of a whole full length album, what Mutagenocide offer up with ‘Devolve’ works a treat in its condensed and compact form.

Son Of A Gun

Son Of A Gun is a film that seems like it is desperate to make the same grade as classic Australian crime films like The Boys, but sadly the films weak last quarter really drags it down and leaves a bad taste in the audience’s mouth. Worse is the fact that the opening of the film is so good that you are left wondering how the same screenwriter could be responsible for such a letdown of a finale.


Annabelle does everything that good old fashioned horror fans look for in a film. It sets up a rather evil nasty in a creative way, brings something new cinematically to the table and has just enough plot twists and turns without ever going over the top.

Media launch of iHeart Travel

A chance for people to travel, make new friends and maybe even find the one. iHeart has trips for single men and women of all ages. iHeart’s Royal Caribbean cruises and exotic resorts takeovers are in the most beautiful destinations all over the world.

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