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Pictured: Top: Get ready for the Best 80s Night Ever! TOTALLY 80’s Concert starring Martika (USA) + Limahl Of Kajagoogoo (UK) + Paul Lekakis (USA) + Katrina (UK) Ex Katrina & The Waves + Stacey Q (USA) + Wa Wa Nee + Real Life
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Bottom: At the 69th Festival de Cannes, the Ken Loach film I, Daniel Blake has won the prestigious Palme D'Or.

All of a sudden we got some Oscar buzz at Cannes, with the terrific film Loving being shown to rapturous applause. The film is directed by Jeff Nichols and stars Australia's Joel Edgerton and Ethiopian-Irish actress Ruth Negga. The gentle, effective story is of the interracial marriage of Mildred and Richard Loving, who were sentenced to prison in Virginia in 1958. All three mentioned above could be candidates for Academy Awards.

Iconic Australian band GANGgajang has released a brand new single, Circles In The Sand, complete with a striking music video shot in front of majestic Uluru. In doing so, they are the first band to be given permission by the traditional landowners to shoot a music performance video at the sacred site.

Diamond Noir have established a modern and genuinely original sound, riddled with both pop and metal elements as well as boasting classic vocals hooks, grinding guitar riffs, sub slamming bass and polished with a distinctly industrial sonic edge. Monsters is indeed a beastly release. Confident and at times intimidating, six tracks spill forth in such a sultry, salient manner, it’s hard to believe this is a debut release.

The Black Leopard range encompasses thirteen products that address the specific care that the spirited adolescent, middle age warrior and the elder statesman need in their lives, without breaking the bank or being full of false promises, ‘bright lights’ and big words. They have created a product line that is the perfect addition to your daily arsenal. Read more in Fashion Wraps.

See the complete list of winners and red carpet photos from the Academy Awards in our Film Spotlight section.

PATRIOTS DAY chronicles the events surrounding the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing. Monaghan will play Carol Saunders, the wife of Sergeant Tommy Saunders (Wahlberg) both of whom are composite characters. “In the aftermath of the attack heroes appeared from every corner of Boston,” commented Berg, who continued. “Michelle is a remarkable actress who knows the people of this city and understands their courage and strength.”


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Fifth Harmony - 7/27

Pop group Fifth Harmony have released their new second album, 7/27 via Epic/Syco Records and Sony Music Entertainment Australia.

On Dead Waves - On Dead Waves

In a world where everything appears to be moving too fast, an album like ‘On Dead Waves’ is most welcome. It makes you pause… take a step back and appreciate that not all music needs to batter you incessantly for attention.

The Nice Guys

The classically mismatched duo are both broken men battling their respective demons, but together, they’re a loveable pair of losers who bring out the best in one another. Black and co-writer Anthony Bagarozzi’s dialogue crackles with wit and humour, while the chemistry between Gosling and Crowe is outstanding.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople is one of those films that will have you feeling many emotions throughout it, as it balances it’s delicate, heartwarming moments with mostly subtle, but sometimes hilarious comedy. It has laughs, style, sentiment and action - the whole package.

ANTONIO ORTEGA Spring Summer 2016 Couture Collection

Antonio Ortega’s new couture collection for spring-summer 2016 shows that luxury in today’s world, the real luxury, lies in the chance to express oneself, the chance to embrace the richness of encounters.

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