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HEN injects sass and confidence on new single “In Red”

Hen shows great confidence on her new single ‘In Red’. The latest from the Adelaide artist is an empowering pop tune that celebrates strong women while breaking down the stereotypes surrounding the ‘hot girl’.

‘The Woman in Red’ is an image that has been used throughout various decades of music, film and pop culture to exoticise and fetishise women – it’s the associated image with sexuality and an unapologetic ownership of feminine sensuality that once would have painted a woman as a harlot or any kind of manipulative. Now, these traits are ones of strength, traits that Hen has brought to record with her new music.

Vocally seductive, ‘In Red’ has a touch of X-era Kylie Minogue, while the instrumentation ensures that the song never veers from fun and catchy territory.

Exploring new indie-pop sounds over the last year, Hen has been at the fore of an exciting new crop of musicians emerging from South Australia. With ‘In Red’ as her debut release for 2018, Hen has come out the gates swinging.


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