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Australian comedy series to premiere on BBC Three

Cutting-edge methodologies in Australian filmmaking will shine the spotlight on New Media Production Company Cockatoo Co.Lab with its premiere of 600 Bottles of Wine a short form series that will premiere on BBC Three in the UK on Sunday May 27 at 10am.

Cockatoo Co.Lab is anchored in human-centered design and advocates an audience led approach. Their innovative multimedia projects uniquely address a diverse range of audience requirements by re-purposing stories across various formats.

Bec Bignell (MediaXpress NSW and formerly ABC) and Dr. Marius Foley (RMIT) founded Cockatoo Co.Lab in December 2017. Their mission is to recycle and re-purpose content for consumption across multiple platforms, as opposed to restricting audience-reach to one medium. “We believe that making media with people, rather than about them, creates new story telling opportunities. We discover stories that have not been told from a genuine standpoint, by communities that are underrepresented, fostering new talent to release these stories,” said Cockatoo Co-Founder, Bec Bignell.

The 8 x 9’ web series 600 Bottles of Wine was repurposed as a 4×18’ short series from the sassy proof of concept blog conceived by writer Grace Rouvray. 600 Bottles of Wine is about a recently single woman navigating new relationship territory where meaning is ambiguous and expectation is ambitious. The multi-discipline creative team met as actors and comprises of Australian comedy creator, Ainslie Clouston (Director and Script Editor), award-winning actress, Grace Rouvray (Writer and Lead Actress) and Bec Bignell (Producer, Cockatoo Colab Co-Founder).

Director Ainslie Clouston said, “The situation of having to gauge where you stand in a new relationship can be brutal so I wanted to add a sense of quirk and warmth. I was able to meticulously craft an immersive audience experience from script edit to final edit; weaving my slightly bent, poignant comedic tone throughout so that the story can seamlessly exist in multiple formats.”

600 Bottles of Wine writer and award winning lead actress Grace Rouvray (Awarded Best Actress at LA Webfest 2018 for this role) said, “When I launched my proof of concept blog that was based on personal dating and relationship experiences, it felt very fulfilling that it resonated, which clearly substantiated a strong audience appetite for the development of a series.”

600 Bottles of Wine is one of the earliest examples of an independently funded 8 x 9’ web series premiering in a dually purposed 4 x 18’ format on network television and online platforms. In February 2018 Escapade Media entered a partnership with Cockatoo Co.Labfor worldwide distribution.

Managing Director Natalie Lawley commented, “Since Escapade was launched we had been searching for the right project to start our Comedy genre and when we screened 600 Bottles of Wine, there was absolutely no question this was it! The global appeal of the series was hugely attractive but what really appealed to us was the short form episodes for the online world, and the ability to re-format the durations into longer episodes for the linear world and given the recent sales to BBC Three, this strategy has proved very successful.”

Cockatoo Co.Lab endeavors to co-create media with under-represented communities to sustainably implant cognitive diversity from the ground up through new voices. Cockatoo Co.Lab identifies and consults the audience through engagement and insights at the outset so their multi-media stories are produced interactively with the intended audience.


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