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Debut single for Jemma Siles

After featuring in international DJ’s NERVO and WOLFPACK’s record ‘Like Air’ which has achieved 2 million streams on Spotify to date, Jemma Siles is on track to release her debut single D.A.M.N. on 18th May 2018.

Jemma’s self-written record D.A.M.N. follows the sounds of new Taylor Swift, Tove lo and George Maple. Packed with raw emotion, an edgy pop sound and strong lead vocals, D.A.M.N. is a song about finding strength, by utilising faith rather than hate to get through a really tough time in your life. In just a short amount of time Jemma Siles has captured the true essence of each different stage of heartbreak.

Don’t Approach Me Now (‘D.A.M.N.’), is constantly playing with the use of intelligent symbolisms and intriguing hidden messages. Jemma’s love for creative songwriting prompts the avid listeners to dive a little deeper into the depths of meaning in her works. D.A.M.N. is both infectious and poetic, bleeding her heart to the listeners, Jemma Siles has many more stories to tell.


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