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Aryana Sayeed Australian Tour 2018

This coming July Afghanistan’s biggest superstar will arrive in Australia for a number of performances in Melbourne and Sydney. Aryana Sayeed is Afghanistan’s biggest entertainment export with millions of fans around the world. She is an Afghan singer, songwriter, TV personality and female rights activities. She is generally considered the most talented and certainly the most popular Afghan female artist of her generation.
Aryana has performed as a pop star all over the world in more than 100 concerts. In addition, she has won a number of awards in the Afghan Music Industry including Best Live Performer, Best Female Artist of the Year, Best New Female Artist of the Year and Best Afghan Icon Award. Aryana is now taking the USA by storm with major awards in the famous Big Apple Music Awards, the AATV Awards and the ATN Awards.
A superstar in her native country she is a judge on The Voice Afghanistan and her sensual and provocative music videos have been viewed by millions of fans globally. Aryana also performs very popular Traditional Folkloric Songs and in a number of dialects. As a humanitarian, philanthropist and advocate of women’s rights she has drawn much criticism in her homeland including death threats from certain religious groups.
“I usually try to sing songs that have strong messages behind them,” Aryana Sayeed said. “I sing for women’s rights in Afghanistan, I sing for love and for peace, which is really needed back home in my country.”
Aryana is a proud, brave Afghani women who despite threats to her personal safety continued with her concert in Kabul on Afghanistan Independence Day. Hundreds of young men and women attended despite opposition from conservatives, and threats of an attack. The concert was held amid tight security at the heavily protected Intercontinental Hotel. With a strong social conscience, Aryana has raised funds performing for landslide and flood victims and for numerous other charitable and social causes including schools in Afghanistan.
Aryana is the new voice of Afghanistan, she speaks for the younger generation who want peace and for men and women who believe in equal rights. Presented by Baran Entertainment, Aryana will perform at Robert Blackwood Concert Hall in Melbourne on July 14 and the Big Top Luna Park in Sydney on July 15. Tickets start at $60 and range up to $130 and are available through the event website.
Baran Entertainment specialises in multicultural events and concerts as well as brand experiences and other integrated services. Owner, Mr Ryan Rezai is an events specialist in managing multiple concerts and public events.

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