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Buckle | 1922 – Handcrafted With Care

A good belt is a staple of every man’s wardrobe, but do you know how much work goes into a handcrafted leather belt before it can be worn?

A leather belt from men’s accessory connoisseurs, Buckle | 1922, goes through twenty-one processes before it leaves the workshop. Each detail, whether it’s leather preparation, hole punching or attaching the buckle, is a separate process, with thirteen talented craftspeople playing an important role in getting the belt made.

While they cannot compete with fast fashion on price, Buckle | 1922’s target market is segmented by a consumer’s value set and the goal to support Australian-made quality. “Unfortunately we can’t compete on price with international imports, we would simply go out of business as our labour costs are substantially greater than products coming out of third world countries,” said Melissa Gibson, General Manager at Buckle | 1922. “Everything comes back to qualities and guarantees. We stand behind our product and we have done so for over 95 years. So, we stamp on the back of our belts the names of our craftspeople to remind consumers that their accessories are handcrafted in Australia.”

Buckle | 1922’s latest range of belts are handcrafted using gorgeous Spanish leather, mixing style with durability. Available in five colours and textures – black, brown, tan, auburn and black matrix – these classic yet practical accessories make for an all-year-round wardrobe must-have.

RRP $59.95.



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