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Izabella Felinski Jewellery

Izabela Felinski is a luxury jewellery brand that started in Australia and is now being launched in the United States. Each piece is hand embroidered with unique colour combinations and embellished with Swarovski crystals. The pieces add a pop of colour to your everyday look and can easily be transitioned for a night out!

Coming from an artistic family, the Polish-born Australian designer and architect Izabela Felinski names fashion as her first love. Surrounded by art, she nurtured her creative talent and started her career with a Masters degree in Architecture, where she developed a deep understanding of balance, proportion and colour harmony. Those skills paved the way for her successful journey in fashion design, helping her to fulfill her childhood dreams.

Now living in Perth, Australia, she has created a unique brand that perfectly reflects her European heritage and the casual lifestyle of her beloved adopted country. Her signature creations combine luxurious hand-embroidery, highest quality crystals and exceptional colour palettes which define her personal style. Recently selected as an official Crystals from Swarovski partner for her stunning creations, her work is elaborate, elegant and always original. Izabela Felinski communicates through crystals and colours, expressing her femininity and strength in a dazzling display of unique, precious embellishments.

By creating the Izabela Felinski range, she hopes to encourage women to pave their way, allowing their unique qualities to shine brightly. “My creations are dedicated to women everywhere. Inspired by bohemian glamour, European style and individual, free-spirited females all over the globe, I hope my handcrafted pieces inspire you to embrace your unique identity.”

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