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$10,000 Comedy Competition: insurance company serious about laughs

1Cover Travel insurance is running an exciting comedy competition called ‘The One Thing’. There is a huge first prize of $10,000 to the entry deemed ‘funniest’ by an expert comedy panel. Two runners up will receive $1,500 each.

Anyone who fancies themselves a comedian can upload a short video (2 minutes max) on the website answering the question “What’s the one thing you shouldn’t do on your holiday?

The response can be anything from a one liner, a sketch, some storytelling, a slapstick silent film or even a song. Contestants can enter solo, with a partner, or with a team.

All the entries will be watched and judged by a panel of well-known Australian comedians, including:

  • Host of SBS doco “Where are you really from?” Michael Hing
  • Hit 107’s Amos Gill
  • Today FM’s Ciel Stowe.

The criteria for who should win? Simple: whoever makes them laugh the most.  The judges and their responses will be filmed while they watch all the entries, Gogglebox style.

Joining the judging panel of veteran comedians, will be the Managing Director of 1Cover, Eddie Feltham.  Mr Feltham said, “The competition is a great opportunity to give aspiring and established comedians an opportunity to show off. We created this event to add a little fun to a typically stale and conservative industry, share some funny stories with our customers, and get people thinking about travel insurance. Plus, we get to watch hundreds of jokes and stories, which is never going to be dull!”

Feltham added that he wants people to have fun with the competition, and sees events like this as a way of supporting the comedy industry in Australia. “I think the Australian comedy scene is amazing and have been a regular at the Comedy Store in Sydney and other comedy venues for 15 years. I have huge admiration for anyone who is prepared to put themselves on stage to perform comedy. Apart from the prize money, this competition is a great platform for amateur and professional comedians to be seen by over a million Australians through our social media platforms.  There is no need to go crazy with production values either. We are looking for the biggest laughs, not the biggest budgets.”

Entries to The One Thing Comedy Competition close 31 July, 2018.  Find out more at

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