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Sydney’s Mezko announce ‘Syzygy’ EP

Sydney multi-instrumentalists MEZKO have announced their next chapter in the form of the SYZYGYEPout Friday, July 27 on Inertia Music. The news arrives with latest track ‘They Like. We Like.”, a tribute to the Roland 303 and an audio exploration of hedonistic purity, or in their words “an in-the-moment electro trash song, a stupid and excited nonsensical banger…The 303 has a special place in our music, and dropping an acid riff in a MEZKO song brings us the greatest of joy.”

In the spirit of the track’s cut-loose attitude, the song comes with a DIY video inspired by Italian horror film SuspiriaWe both love the aesthetic and absurdity of this film and have always wanted to make something with that spirit. To capture its B-grade execution and lack of coherent plot we appointed ourselves Directors. This video is about things that don’t make sense and neon paint.”

The EP’s title SYZYGY celebrates the duality at MEZKO’s core, where the union of opposites between Kat Harley & Laura Bailey gives life to possibility – “This is theme we fiercely embrace – as people and as musicians we’re very different and that’s a huge source of inspiration.” Together, the EP’s three songs represent stages of a story. Some initial impetus for action, a challenge and then a celebration of the journey. ‘You In Me’ is about the dark muse. “It’s that voice in your head that says ‘light the match… now throw it’. It’s in all of us and some people can draw it out more than others.”Previous single ‘Come & Go’ is the challenge. “Growing, changing and taking the good while leaving the darkness behind and keeping your sass in tact.”  ‘They Like. We Like.’ helms a carefree celebration “We work so hard to perfect our music, but sometimes it’s better to just do whatever comes out. A lot of the vocals and guitar are first takes from demos and lyrics are intentionally dumb.”

A regular fixture across local radio stations around the country, MEZKO have also grown a diverse, energetic fan base through memorable live shows . The duo recently wrapped up a national headline tour, including a performance at Tasmania’s Dark Mofo, and joined Crooked Colours on the road throughout April. They have previously shared stages alongside King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard,Emma Louise, Mosquito Coast, Running Touch, Miami Horror, World Champion and Gold Class. They’ve also played Volumes, Blurst of Times, Purple Sneakers x Vivid, Gaytimes, Secret Garden, Bad Friday, and Perth’s Disconnect Festival, with an upcoming slot at this September’s Yours & Owls festival.

MEZKO were forged by an insatiable musical connection that is the foundation of their unique sound; a collision of futurist pop and electronica that casts one eye backwards at post-punk and krautrock. Their melange of motorik beats, harmonic riffs and hypnotic vocals are anchored by taut, melodic bass lines and expansive synths. This explosion of sounds is combined with thoughtful songwriting and technical prowess, resulting in a mesmerising experience – a space controlled by them and for them, yet enveloping anyone in its path.



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