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Single Release: Saya – Side Ting

Toronto’s Saya exudes confidence well beyond her 23 years. She first impressed listeners with her 2016 debut single “Wet Dreams,” which set the groundwork for her unconventional approach to music that blends hip-hop futurism and reggaeton beats with trappings of pop undertones.
Now Saya announces her new EP “Sugar Coated” with the release of the first single “Side Ting” with an accompanying video. The clip (produced/styled by Saya and directed by Zhamak Fullad) shows that Saya is more than just her music; her bold early 00s inspired style of thigh highs, plaid skirts, and white fringe laced dresses reveals a DGAF attitude that carries through her relaxed yet confident vocal delivery. The lo-fi home video quality of the music video and depiction of two lovers is also intimate and relatable.
Inspired in part by Britney Spears’ song “Mmm Papi,” “Side Ting” was written at a time when Saya says she felt stuck. “I was lusting for something different and for something more. I tried to depict a playful yet intense visual to go along with the song that almost felt like you were in my head with me.”
See the official video   –

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