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Single Release: Ella Hooper – To The Bone

Ella Hooper’s latest solo offering ‘To The Bone’ is a cathartic disco pop number on burning bridges and starting anew. The acclaimed vocalist and one half of Australian rock royalty Killing Heidi, Hooper has spent the last few years splitting her time between playing a series of shows to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary, as well as dancing on her own two feet, with DJ sets nationally at Groovin’ The Moo, plus the release of her solo endeavour In Tongues and the double EP Venom/New Magic.

A seasoned pro with an assortment of gun players backing her (members of Jade Imagine, Machine Translations, Handsome, The Cactus Channel, RockWiz & more), Ella and her new band will take to Bigsound this in September to showcase her new music and sounds.


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