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Film Review: Luis & the Aliens

Director:  Christoph Lauenstein, Wolfgang Lauenstein, Sean McCormack

Cast:   voices of Will Forte, Lea Thompson, Callum Maloney

Rating:   PG

Running Time:   86

Australian Distributor:   Icon Films


Luis & the Aliens starts a little softly. Luis not only suffers from the bullying of his classmates, but also under the fixed idea of ​​his father, Armin Sunday. Luis’ father is a Ufologe and observes the sky night after night, fearing that aliens might land on Earth. Nasty aliens have scared the young Mr Sunday and their disappearance ensured that his reputation was ruined. Luis’ father already forgets his son’s birthday. However, this is Luis’ least problem, because the school inspectorate is worried and sends somebody to the Sunday house to check if Luis is not neglected by his parents. 

Absurdly, three cuddly extraterrestrials land at Luis’ doorstep just at this time, who have watched a shopping channel from their spaceship and now want to buy a special mattress. Luis may be able to help and the aliens can change their shape if they swallow a hair or something similar from other creatures.

The bizarre joke of this space adventure will sometimes overwhelm the child’s target group. That does not matter. The lovingly staged animated film appears amazingly professional from the first scenes on. 

Luis and the Aliens has some wonderfully silly scenes to offer and makes it clear that even adults can even show their childish side. In the end, the adventurous comedy has even a conciliatory message to offer: Not all strangers are hostile. In times of global migration flows, perhaps a statement that should not be underestimated.

The film will not change the supremacy of the Disney group in terms of animation, but the German-international co-production proves that even modest means can be used to create good movies that provide sophisticated and technically well-made entertainment.


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