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Single Release: Charlene Soraia – Where’s My Tribe

From her new album “Where’s My Tribe“, due in early 2019, comes the single of the same title for Charlene Soraia, the South London singer-songwriter.  As demonstrated by her accidental viral hit “Wherever You Will Go”, Charlene Soraia is possessed of a voice that can melt hearts. Where’s My Tribe serves as a powerful reminder that she is also a guitarist of virtuosic skill and songwriter of rare talent. Universal yet intensely personal, this is a record of our time and forever that will resonate with the lonely soul inside us all. ​​​​​​​

It is easy to love the raw, stripped back vibe of the song where it’s just her stunning vocals and an acoustic guitar. The way she sings is so captivating and the song’s simplicity makes it quite intimate and vulnerable. Where’s My Tribe lays bare the loneliness that lurks at the empty heart of our super-connected world.

Speaking about the track, Charlene said:
‘Where’s My Tribe’ is about feeling separate to the world and continuously chasing this impossible dream of feeling like I belong. This concept runs throughout the album and my life, whether it’s in relation to people, places or things. Other daydreamers, deep thinkers and loners will know this separate reality; it’s actually where I create most of my art. The chorus reflects on losing oneself to the proverbial rabbit holes and other fantastical avoidance tendencies. There’s also a secret lyric line I will only ever sing live- it was far too strange to commit to the record, but I’ve really come to love it and understand it since! Anyways, high five if you’ve heard it- I love a bit of artistic mystery…!

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