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Top Bridal Designers Give Their Input On Trends – Good and Bad!

Trends may come and trends may go but some trends have the ability to stay around and become true classics.  Everything starts somewhere.  Short skirts were once a trend as were Uggs.  Of the two, one is considered a classic staple in every woman’s wardrobe.  We’ll let you take a guess at which one became a “classic”.  In the bridal industry there are trends that have become traditions as well.  From jumping the broom, smashing plates, wearing a penny in your shoe for good luck to something borrowed and something blue; all traditions that at one point were considered trends and have withstood the test of time.  However, when it comes to bridal fashions, there are some things that are welcomed to stay and others that some feel need to go by way of the hobble skirt, leg warmers, velour track suits or patterned tights.  When posed the below questions, here are some tips and trend ideas from a few renowned bridal gown and shoe designers on what is coming ahead, what may need to fade away, what should resurface and the influence of trends on the market in general!  In the end, it is up to you on what you will wear as you gracefully stroll down the aisle but why not hear what the experts have to say to get the “inside scoop”!

1.  What 3 Trends do you think will be big in the next year?

ALLURE BRIDALS – Top three trends include emphasis on geometric appliques, delicate buttons and soft, stretch lace and crepe fabrics.

BERTA – More and more brides are choosing non-traditional colours such as pale pink, champagne, ivory. Our bride holds a lot of confidence and appeal, she is not afraid to be bold and try fresh and new styles. As the collections are always evolving and new fabrications are always being revealed we find the trends to be based more on the bride herself. She wants that sexy and glamorous dress while still remaining true to the classic silhouette.

Understated Elegance:  The Royal Wedding always has a ripple, before with Kate Middleton and lace sleeves, and now with Audrey Hepburn-inspired elegant simplicity with Meghan Markle.  It’s “Less is more” versus overly textured and bedazzled. Think less Kardashian and more natural beauty, especially in make-up and hair.  Elements will be more subtle like a low back or sexy slit for dresses, and ladylike and refined for shoes.  You won’t find as much over-the-top, extravagant, ornate shoes on your wedding day, people want to be timeless from head to toe.  The main-event wear is a rolling back to Classic Chic or Minimalism, quintessential styles that won’t go out of style when they look back on photos decades from now.  Then people are having more fun and taking more risks with the reception outfit etc like Julianne Hough.  More Informal and color options wedding wear can now be found very affordable and accessible anywhere online.  It’s much less formal and haute couture- it’ll run the gamut from elegant and lady-like courthouse sheaths, reception jump suits, and breezy boho isn’t just for beach and festivals anymore.   Natural Organic Beauty: For wedding themes it’s evolved from rustic and DIY farmhouses to a more industrialized or outdoor venue softened with wild organic floral arrangements, undone buns. and not so arranged details.  Bold blooms are found in dresses and shoes, while the nature backdrops are growing more and more wild.  You’ll find wedges, low heels, and even flats to be everywhere in these organic venues.  Brides still want to be able to walk gracefully down the natural terrain aisle.

JESSICA BEDARD SHOES – Closed pump, matte satin and neutral colours.

Colours: I keep seeing colour entering the bridal world everywhere I look and I love it. Soft blush, lavender, and light blues. I’m seeing dip dyed silks, and metallic yarns running through laces, and pops of colour on custom embroideries. With today’s confident brides, anything goes and I think when done right, colour is a gorgeous way to let your personality shine.

The “Naked Dress”: I don’t see any sign of this trend stopping, in fact I see it ramping up. I love the naked dress, because it allows the beading and embroidery design to shine through on the garment, without adding bulky weight to the bride. But I wish we could rebrand this trend the “Illusion Dress”- I think brides get scared by the word naked, but trust me, no designer is going to send you down the aisle with your bits on display.

Separates Dressing: I see a lot of brides opting for more modern, tailored styles, whether they’re getting married at the courthouse or not. Think tea length skirts, jumpsuits, silk slip dresses and blazers. I’m noticing almost every bridal designer at the moment adding at least one chic and tailored style to her offering for the woman who doesn’t necessarily want a “wedding dress” for her wedding.

RIVINI – Traditional styles with an edge.  Simplicity but with a modern couture elements.  Pant options.  Super Long veils.

WINNIE COUTURE – We have always been on the forefront of bridal fashion, so with that said, the newest collections really focuses on enhancing a brides natural beauty. Illusion backlines and plunging necklines featured on figure hugging silk and lace gowns make a bride feel beautiful on the inside, which radiates outward for everyone to see.

2.  What 3 Trends do you wish would “go away”/ have over saturated the market becoming cliche and are on their way out? 

ALLURE BRIDALS – Certain trends like cold shoulder sleeves, asymmetrical hemlines and the naked dress seem to be making their way out of the current trend pattern.

BERTA – It’s hard to call something negative or cliché as every designer creates their own work. Berta focuses more intrinsically rather than compare herself to other designers. There is always an appreciation for trends in the market and that is something that will continue.

The Naked Trend – TOO see through and lingerie sexy.  Weddings are still family events!!  It won’t be completely head to toe naked like the red carpet in recent years, but will have a little corset, a slip, some bustiers seamlessly built -n elements.   A super skinny strap and mostly naked feet appeal will fade, there will be peeks of sexy feet but with a more comfort and practicality in mind over time.  You won’t find those clear plastic booties anywhere near our design studio ever.

The exact same dress for all bridesmaids should just be put to rest forever, as well as a requirement for the same shoe. There’s more awareness and diversity for the different personalities and body types now more than ever, and brides want their girls to be comfortable.

The Ugly shoe – This is just the shoe market in general, in relation to bridal it was more of an anything-goes shoe game.  Girls before may just use their wedding as an excuse to purchase their very expensive dream designer shoe, no matter if it complemented her wedding style.  Everyone wants to feel their most beautiful version of themselves on their wedding day, and more and more want a cohesive style that from head to toe.

JESSICA BEDARD SHOES – Personally, I think the bling in the shoes have been saturated! I’ve seen it too much but somehow Brides still wants it 🙂

Traditional Ball gowns: Trust me I love a full skirt, but there is something about a giant satin ball gown with zero bells and whistles, that feels so dated! With so many options in today’s market, I love to see brides push the boundaries more with their style.

Sweetheart Necklines: Same goes for your traditional sweetheart neckline. If you want to go strapless, there are so many gorgeous updated variations on that neckline, that don’t look like they’ve been hanging on the rack of the bridal salon since 1989.

Too Tight Mermaid Gowns: Today’s bride wants to be able to move and dance until 2am with the rest of her guests! It’s not a good look when you can barely make it down the aisle much less enjoy the after party.

RIVINI – I cant think of any trends that I wish would go away. It’s great to have variety so that every bride has options when looking for her perfect dress. The one trend that I would not miss and would be glad to see it gone is “showing too much skin”.

WINNIE COUTURE – The thing about bridal fashion is that trends may come and go (looking at you, puffy sleeves!), but beauty and elegance is forever. We are known for truly timeless and glamorous designs that feel current in any fashion climate. Let it be the classic strapless sweetheart neckline on a fitted French silk gown, or a dreamy Parisian lace ball gown with sleeves, Winnie Couture is focused on lasting beauty instead of racing to compete with season-long trends.

3.  What Trend (s) would you like to see come back and why? 

 – We’d love to see old-fashioned antique lace come back in! We also think ¾ length sleeves are gorgeous as well. And a minimalist slip dress would be gorgeous on brides.

BERTA – As BERTA isn’t a trend influenced designer, rather a trend-setter, she uses whichever design concept she believes in, disregarding if it’s currently trending or not.

HEY LADY SHOES – Personalization and Love Stories!  We’d like to see more of the couple’s personalities shining through a wedding versus a Pinterest regurgitation.  Pinterest is beautiful and is great for ideas, but the wedding details should absolutely tell a story about the couple’s flair.  We love the pics where grooms had socks/shoe laces/ties that matched their bride’s Hey Lady shoes.  One bride had her red heart sunglasses matching her red heart shoes.

JESSICA BEDARD SHOES – Any trends from the 80’s!

KATHERINE TASH – I love sleeves!  While I’m not ready for a Princess Diana moment, I do think Alexa Chung nailed the sleeves on the gown she designed and wore to the Met Ball this year. Lightweight fabric and a flattering fun shape, I hope this trend takes off in a major way.

 – A trend is exactly that and when its no longer trending it does not need to come back… if anything is going to make a comeback let it be fringe!

WINNIE COUTURE – One thing that will always be welcome in bridal fashion is absolute beauty, which we strive to magnify in every single design for each and every bride. From strategically placed lace, meant to contour a brides feminine curves, to the interior construction of the gown that beautifully complements their waistline, our goal is to make every bride feel like beautiful; when a woman feels beautiful, everyone around her can feel her confidence and beauty grow!

4.  What are designers being influenced by these days and how are they translating that into their designs?

 – Fast fashion is universal, so designs are not only available more immediately but designs seem to be pulled from more previously inaccessible places. We could be inspired by classic bridal designs, Instagram and a 1960s vintage bridal look all at once.

BERTA – Every designer is inspired by its own muse. At Berta the fabric and the intricate details are what creates the whole process of designing. Anything and everything can be an influence to designers – it is truly personal.

HEY LADY SHOES – Sadly, designers can be TOO trend-conscious and influenced by each other.  You’ll have instances like Ivanka Trump clearly being influenced by Aquazurra etc.  It’s natural to be inspired by and interpret art, but we are disappointed when everybody jumps on the same bandwagon and it’s a copy of a copy of a copy.  It becomes less about a unique offering for a unique style and personality, and more about what they hope editor’s want to put in a collage together.

JESSICA BEDARD SHOES – I personally look at old magazines. Trends usually come back every 20 years so it’s a good reference for me.

KATHERINE TASH – I can’t speak for any other designers, but I think social media has such a big effect on the fashion industry in general right now. I think we’re at peak influencer, peak trend forecasting, and peak fast fashion. It’s exciting and scary for a new brand like me! There’s a wealth of inspiration available at your finger tips, but it can be distracting. I think it’s hugely important nowadays to really know what your brand is, who your customer is, and to remain confident in designing for that instead of trying to hit every single new trend.

RIVINI – I don’t know what other designer are influenced by but personally, the elements that sustain life, the beauty in detail and the spirit of my family inspire me to design.

WINNIE COUTURE – We are and will always be influenced by their brides. Understanding that every bride is different, and being able to make every brides bridal vision a reality is how this brand was born! Being able to customize a design to a brides dream gown is what set Winnie Couture apart from every brand, and gives us insight into what brides are truly looking for in a gown.

5.  As a bridal brand, how close do you follow the trends and if so, to what extent do they influence your collections? (Trend Influence: 25% / 75% —  50% / 50% —  25% / 75%)

 – Bridal is a more classic design arena. Our collections are certainly impacted by trends, but the vast majority of our designs adhere to more classic silhouettes. 25% trends/75% classic.

BERTA – 0%. Trends are merely a creation and part of the process rather than an inspiration for the collection. Berta is known for creating trends, style, and being above the industry standards.

HEY LADY SHOES – 0% trends/100% our own.  We are instead influenced by unforgettable women in history and the spirit of entire decades, versus the trend of the moment.  We end up with classics-with-a-twist that stand the test of time.  They are both refreshingly unique and never out of style.

JESSICA BEDARD SHOES – I would say 25%. My first 2 collections were very matte, opposed to what we see on the market.  When I see bling in the dress, the shoes and the hair mixed with jewelry, I personally believe it’s too much. I love when there is more of a balance. Either in the dress or in the shoes. I feel my shoes also have a very unique touch. The beautiful tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue in every pair of Jessica Bedard shoes!

KATHERINE TASH – I like to stay current, always evolving but staying true to my brand. I try to understand what today’s bride wants without abandoning my own style, and if I can capture a certain trend in a way that feels like my brand and accentuates my bride’s natural beauty then that’s the best of both worlds.

RIVINI – As I designer I don’t truly follow trends but my inspiration each season helps me create and set trends.

WINNIE COUTURE – As a designer, we listen to our consumer, our beautiful brides! While some brides like Megan Markle are actually marrying a Prince, every Winnie Bride can expect an exclusive and royal treatment. The design for Megan’s dress that we sketched was a hallmark Winnie Couture gown that simply accentuated her own exquisite beauty, and was very close in design to the gown she decided on. So if you’re asking if trends influence our designs, we would say our designs actually influence the trends!

Whatever your final options may be on your big day we are sure you will pick the dress that it just right for you!  But, should you be the type to follow the trends why not take a few helpful tips from the professionals as one day you may look back and wish that you had! / @allurebridals / @berta / @loveheylady / @jessicabedardshoes / @katherinetash / @ritavinieris / @winniecouture

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