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Single Release: Saya – The Moon

Toronto-based singer Saya has just released her effortlessly smooth new single “The Moon”. “The Moon” is the third single from Saya’s forthcoming EP “Sugar Coated”.
Bouncing from the jump, this song sets the groove and keeps it steady as Saya’s distinctive vocals carry you along. Vocal layers with lo-fi effects contribute to the song’s unique atmosphere as each line moves with an awesome lyrical rhythm. Every second of this song is supported by Saya’s confident croon and it’s enough to make a fan of any new listener.
I wrote ‘The Moon’ in 2016 during a big writing trip in London, UK,” Saya says of the track. “In the song I’m riding my own wave of happiness and freedom, on my own time, and in my own world. I was at a point where I was letting go of residual anger from my past and moving forward. Moments of peace only come once and a while for me so I’m happy I could translate that into a song.”  –  Saya



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