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Single Release: Asha Jefferies – Everybody Talks

Following her critically acclaimed single ‘Chaos’, Asha Jefferies returns with a frank depiction of a fractured friendship with ‘Everybody Talks’.

‘Everybody Talks’ sees Jefferies pairing her characteristically warm, poised vocals with delicate guitar work, building incrementally to a crescendo of crashing symbols, layered vocals and dueling guitars, seemingly foreshadowing the catalyst of a simmering argument. The new single exemplifies the duality of Jefferies as a musician; vulnerable as a songwriter and possessing the emotional fortitude of woman mature beyond her years.

Like all her music, ‘Everybody Talks’ is incredibly personal, Jefferies using her guitar and her voice as an extension of herself, as a way to navigate the complexities of human relationships. In her own words she explains “Everybody Talks is about a falling out I had with a friend. We never spoke again, I heard a lot though. The whole experience left me feeling voiceless and powerless and it wasn’t until I wrote this song that I felt like I took my power back and made room for some closure about it all.”



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