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Single Release: Mezko – Guess Who

Sydney multi-instrumentalists MEZKO reveal latest track ‘Guess Who’, and announce they’ll be bringing LA-based death-pop duo VOWWS back to their home soil this November to join them for a run of East Coast tour dates.

‘Guess Who’ emerges as an ode to the catharsis of acknowledging and eliminating negative forces from ones life. In MEZKO’s words “This is a song for the people you leave behind. The ones that got you really hard and then dragged you right down. It’s about moving on from someone toxic, a kind of a soundtrack for removing the dirt and not going back.”

The track sees MEZKO team up with producer Alex Akers (Forces), of which they say, “Working with Alex as producer was definitely the right fit, we wanted this track to have a really strong atmosphere of tension and release. Musically its got an electro-punk foundation but floating around that, things like a processed samples of motorbikes revving, along with some neurotic screaming and feedback are there to set the mood.”

The new track and tour news follows the release of MEZKO’s second EP SYZYGY in July, which gave us such tracks as ‘Come & Go’ and ‘They Like. We Like.’ A regular fixture across local radio stations around the country, MEZKO have also grown a diverse, energetic fan base through memorable live shows.




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