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Single Release: Cole Phoenix – Stone Woman

This next chapter in Cole Phoenix’s career comes with the release of her new single Stone Woman. This superb blend of pure contemporary pop laced with an enduring sixties RnB flavour is sure to take Cole to a whole new level. The song is written by Cole in collaboration with seasoned LA songwriters.

It follows on from a string of single releases and her growing reputation as singer-songwriter who takes her vocal cues from the likes of Whitney and Celine and combines them with all the electrifying sensibilities of Amy Winehouse and early Madonna. The impassioned is personal in Cole’s music yet poignant too in its ability to turn a well-worn statement into universal subject matter. When asked about it Cole says, ‘Fan feedback always keeps me motivated as I make the music with them in mind. Their enjoyment and support is the ultimate reward’.

The progression from Cole’s earlier releases to Stone Woman is natural and effortless, it follows her musical story with all the elements intact; classic instrumentation with modern funk and jazz overtones underpinning a rich, seductive vocal delivery. There’s an emotional bite to the song that reveals Cole’s soul-baring style. ‘I guess that this music has been my own therapy for hard times and if that makes people want to dance or simply feel stronger to face something in some way, then the songs have fulfilled their purpose for more than just me alone’.

Stone Woman is more than just an endearing soulful pop track but a modern affirmation of empowerment and as Cole reveals with a blistering wail, ‘let me show you who I am’, it’s clear Stone Woman is doing just that and more, bridging together style and emotion to create a seamless work of musical resonance.

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