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International Gin & Tonic Day

It is International Gin & Tonic Day on Friday, 19 October.

Fun Facts!
  • 73% of gin in the world is consumed in the form of a gin and tonic.
  • Early Australians would pay for Gordon’s London Dry Gin in gold dust!
  • Although gin and tonic is a classic British cocktail, the largest gin drinkers in the world are actually our neighbours, the Philippines, who are responsible for half of the world’s gin consumption.
  • G&Ts are best consumed under ultraviolet light to witness its glow-in-the-dark magic!
Where it all began…
The origins of the G&T can be traced back to the 19th century when British soldiers in colonial India needed to drink tonic water containing quinine as an antimalarial potion; malaria being the most widespread disease at the time. Gin and lime was added to the tonic water to counteract the nasty taste.
G&T’s in 2018
Although G&T’s have their roots in medicinal history, there are some hidden nasties to watch out for. Gin is essentially sugar free but tonic water is a familiar culprit for sugar-related health concerns. Did you know that the average tonic water contains 6.5 teaspoons of added sugar per serve?
According to the American Heart Association the daily recommended added sugar intake for women is only 25g (6 teaspoons) and men 37.5g (9 teaspoons). So your classic tipple could be putting you at higher risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes!
We don’t want these sugary facts to stop you from celebrating International Gin and Tonic Day the right way, so we’ve created a few sugar-free recipes to satisfy that G&T craving guilt-free.
Rosemary-Grapefruit  Tonic

A  delicious,  fruity cocktail  (or mocktail) using  our NEW classic  tonic water!

If  you prefer  a slightly sweeter beverage, add in some freshly  squeezed orange juice to balance  out the bitterness  of the grapefruit. Garnish  with a rosemary sprig and some fresh grapefruit,  serve with ice and voila! Simple and satisfying.


Servings  4.

2  1/2  cups classic  Nexba tonic water

4  shots  gin (optional)

2  cups  fresh grapefruit  juice

1  cup  ice cubes

Rosemary  sprigs and  additional grapefruit  (to garnish)


  1. Combine  all ingredients  (except rosemary and  grapefruit to garnish)  in a large jar and mix
  2. Pour  into glasses  and garnish with  rosemary sprigs and  fresh grapefruit.
Pine-lime  G&T

Pineapple is the perfect addition to our NEW lime, cucumber and mint tonic water. It adds natural sweetness  and great flavour  (not to mention a huge range  of nutrients!)

If  you’re  feeling extra  fancy, serve this one in a pineapple cup,  simply  by scooping  out the pineapple  flesh and adding  in your  beverage. Garnish with fresh mint leaves and lime wedges and you have yourself a gram-worthy cocktail.


Servings  2.

1  cup  pineapple  juice (or Nexba  pineapple sparkling infusion)

1  cup  Nexba  lime, cucumber  and mint tonic water

2  shots  gin

1  tbsp  lime juice

1  handful  ice cubes

Garnish  with lime  and mint


  1. Combine  all ingredients  (except garnish) in  a large jar and mix.
  2. Pour  into mason  jars and garnish  with lime and mint.


Strawberry and basil G&T

Strawberries  and summer…  a match made in  heaven. This delicious  cocktail can be prepared  in less than  10 minutes and  is definitely cocktail-bar  standard if you ask us. We’ve  added coconut  water for a hint  of sweetness (as well  as for that great flavour  and added  hydration),  but you can  also substitute  with additional tonic water.

This  recipes is delicious with all 3 of our tonic waters so you can decide if you’re in the mood for classic,  cranberry & hibiscus or lime, cucumber  and mint.


Servings  2.

1/2  cup strawberries,  sliced in half

1  handful  basil leaves,  to garnish

2  shots  gin

1  cup  coconut  water

2  tbsp  lime juice

1  cup  Nexba  classic  tonic water

1  handful  ice cubes


  1. Place  strawberries  and basil in  a glass (or cocktail  shaker) and muddle using a wooden spoon.
  2. Add gin, coconut water and lime juice.
  3. Place  ice cubes  in jars and  pour the cocktails  over it. Then add tonic  water, garnish with fresh strawberries  and basil.
Orange and raspberry G & T

Fruity,  refreshing  and naturally  sweet. There is  something so nice  about knowing that what you are  consuming contains no sugar  and nothing artificial (unlike most drinks), yet without compromising  on taste. If anything, it tastes  better!

This recipe also works well with any  of our tonic water  range, however  our pick would be the classic so that  you get a more intense raspberry flavour.

Servings  3.


1  punnet  fresh raspberries

1/2  cup fresh  orange juice

3  shots  gin

1  1/2  cups Nexba  classic tonic  water

1  handful  ice cubes

Lime  and additional  fresh raspberries,  to garnish


  1. Place  raspberries  and orange juice  in a glass (or cocktail  shaker) and muddle using a  wooden spoon.
  2. Add  gin and  mix well.
  3. Place  ice cubes  in glasses (we’ve  used margarita style  glasses) and pour the cocktails over it.
  4. Then  add tonic  water, garnish  with fresh raspberries  and lime.


Classic  G & T

Last  but certainly  not least, we have  our classic G&T.  We love getting creative, but sometimes it’s great  to come back to basics and enjoy the simple  things in life.

All  you need  is some gin,  our classic tonic and some  lime to garnish. Too easy and oh so refreshing.  If you want  a subtle twist,  try this recipe  with our  lime, cucumber and mint tonic.

Servings  2.


2  shots  gin

2  cups  Nexba classic  tonic

1  handful  ice cubes

Mint,  to garnish


  1. Add a small handful of  ice cubes to 2 jars/classes and then evenly distribute gin between the glasses.
  2. Top  with Nexba  classic tonic water and garnish with lime and/or mint leaves.




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