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BERTA – Fall/Winter 2019 Collection

BERTA brings the perfect trifecta for Fall/Winter 2019!  World renowned designer Berta Balilti came with the triple threat this season showcasing 3 new collectionsMUSE by Berta, the “Athens” collection and making it’s debut, Berta “Privee’”.

Each glamorous in it’s own right, the designs were unparalleled as the luxurious and jaw-dropping pieces made their presence known on the catwalk.  The effortlessly chic collections drifted gracefully down the runway with fabrics that lead the way into a powerful abyss of awe inspiring styles. Berta Balilti’s latest collection broke everything that is known to be “normalized” in the bridal industry. It featured pieces that were fresh, exciting and new yet still lending to the true essence of what BERTA is and is expected  to be.

MUSE by Berta –
Full of awe, imagination and romance, the 2019 MUSE collection earns it’s place among the long list of Berta triumphs!  So romantic is the new collection, Berta took to Barcelona to shoot her campaign for its romantic backdrops, Catalan art nouveau, hidden shops and historic cathedrals….everything needed for the a Barcelona fairytale.  Soft Shoulder details cascading into the skirt or lace peeking through layers of delicate fabrics, this collection will not cease to awe.  Hidden details through out will catch your eye at each glance.  Each delicately crafted dress is light and dreamy and will take your breath away!

“Athens” Collection –
Breaking tradition is to be expected from Berta’s collections and the label never fails to do so!  Berta’s introduction of the “Athens” collection introduces something never before seen in Berta bridal, detachable pieces.  A beautiful blend of rich fabrics, refreshing twists on traditional yet tailored silhouettes (that compliment the female body) and that Berta glam, the Athens collection is sure to set the tone on trends for many seasons to come.  Taking inspirations from it’s name sake, this collection is a timeless masterpiece befitting of it’s name.  The authenticity and vividness of the city, embraces these artistic creations made by Berta and only amplify them.   Tulle, silk chiffon and illusion lace are consistent throughout and the bride looking for the fairy tale dream dress will look effortlessly flawless in any one of these creations.

Berta “Privee’” –
Waxing nostalgic upon the accolades of the brands worldwide success, Berta went back to their roots with this special “couture” collection influenced by her original inspirations and aesthetics.  As the name “Privee’” hints too, this is the Berta private and personal place.  The line honours the classic and time-honoured silhouettes that have created the legendary Berta phenomenon.  Flawless, untouched and incomparable to anything else out there.


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