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Single Release: Brittany Leo – Adore

Following on from her debut EP ‘Undefeated’ and single ‘Need It’ Brittany Leo returns with her new single ‘Adore’.  ‘Adore’ is a song that everyone has experienced at least once in their life; a twisted love story.  It talks about the fascination and attraction you feel towards another, but you aren’t exactly sure what they are feeling towards you; they are giving you mixed signals.  It can be a fun experience, but also a bit exhausting not knowing where you stand.

Focusing on being able to combine her love of singing and her passion for DJ’ing, Brittany says that she finds all the songs she releases now have a musical element that allows her to play the tracks in her DJ sets, whether it’s a upbeat track like ‘Need It’ or the vocal melody and bass of ‘Adore’ they both seamlessly fit into her DJ gigs.

‘Adore’ was written by Dylan Burrowes and Jeremy Drakeford (Spectrum Sound) and Brittany Leo.


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