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Earlier in 2018, Baltimore-based Beach House released 7, their 7th full-length record, on Mistletone/Inertia (Australia) and Sub Pop (worldwide). Now, the band are thrilled to announce their return to Australian shores in 2019, with a run of dates spanning Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

In celebration of the tour announce, Beach House have shared a new song ‘Alien’ – an outtake from the album sessions, originally released as a B-side for a limited-edition, tour-only 7″. It is produced by the band, Sonic Boom and Jason Quever.

Beach House have been a band for over 13 years and have written and released a total of 77 songs together. They last toured Australia in 2016, with a Sydney Opera House show described by The Music as “testament to the band’s enduring commitment to creating unforgettable sonic experiences”. At once intimate and cosmic, Beach House explode onto the stage with glorious finesse and grandeur, bringing their adored songbook to kaleidoscopic life.

The creation of Beach House’s 7 involved rebirth and rejuvenation; Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand used to limit themselves to what they thought they could perform live, but this time that limitation was ignored. Unlike the last four albums, 7 didn’t have a producer in the traditional sense. Spacemen 3’s Sonic Boom (Peter Kember) became a significant force on this record by shedding conventions and helping to keep the songs alive and fresh. The band’s trusted live drummer from 2016 to the present, James Barone, played on the entire record, helping to keep rhythm at the centre of a lot of these songs.

In the band’s own words, “we are interested by the human mind’s (and nature’s) tendency to create forces equal and opposite to those present. Thematically, this record often deals with the beauty that arises in dealing with darkness; the empathy and love that grows from collective trauma; the place one reaches when they accept rather than deny. The twisted double edge of glamour, with its perils and perfect moments, was an endless source.

The number 7 does represent some interesting connections in numerology. 1 and 7 have always shared a common look, so 7 feels like the perfect step in the sequence to act as a restart. Most early religions also had a fascination with 7 as being the highest level of spirituality, as in ‘Seventh Heaven.’ At our best creative moments, we felt we were channeling some kind of heavy truth, and we sincerely hope the listeners will feel that.”


Australian Tour 2019

Tuesday, February 26 | The Triffid, Brisbane

Thursday, February 28 | Perth Festival, Perth

Monday, March 4 | Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Wednesday, March 6 | RCC Fringe, Adelaide

Friday, March 8 | The Forum, Melbourne

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