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Love Sick set for new EP release in November 2018

Scottish dark pop duo LOVE SICK tease their forthcoming ‘No Sleep’ EP with the second single, “Medusa.” ‘No Sleep’ comes out November 16th via B3SCI Records.

“You cut my head off and ask if I’m okay,” LOVE SICK vocalist Julie broods over the chugging halftime beat of “Medusa,” with its fuzzed out synths and jangling percussion. “Medusa” follows “Fever,” a decidedly cool and unrelenting dark pop gem with a guttural groove and impassioned lyrics about magnetic obsession. While “Fever” was inspired by Michael Jackson, “Medusa” took the name of its more mystical and mythological muse”

“The song came about after Julie had been reading about the Greek mythological story of Medusa – the goddess cursed to become a monster with hair made of snakes who could turn people to stone for just looking at her.
Medusa was essentially an unfortunate cursed victim of circumstance. We became obsessed with her story and wanted to re-imagine it in a modern context – determination against all odds and remaining positive even if life isn’t going the way you planned.”

Cosmic happenstance sits at the core of Scottish duo LOVE SICK’s origin and music. Seemingly incongruous elements come together in a way that defy assumed boundaries of pop, producing something both menacing and melodic and altogether infectious.

Julie and Shaun first met working for the same life insurance call center at an office Christmas party where Julie divulged her passion for singing. A few weeks later, the pair bumped into each other at a Glasgow train station and the rest, as they say, is history.

LOVE SICK first introduced themselves in 2017 with their debut single “Bullet,” which quickly captivated a global audience of almost 1 million listeners and support from the likes of BBC, KCRW, and even Sir Elton John himself.

Tour Dates:

11/27: Glasgow, Scotland @ Poetry Club (Headline)
11/29: London, UK @ Bermondsey Social Club (Headline)

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