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EP Release: Graace – Self Sabotage

21 year old songstress GRAACE has released her debut EP SELF SABOTAGE through Sony Music Entertainment Australia. The EP features her latest single, ‘Last Night’, which has received enormous success to date including a Fader video premiere for this perfect visual component to a song that is vulnerable but beautiful of a lonely heart-breaker.

On how the EP came about, GRAACE explained, “Most of the songs came together pretty naturally at the same piano and running off the tongue. Every song started as me just riffing with some chords and kinda doing a journal entry through voice memos instead of writing something down in a diary like normal.

“The whole concept of ‘Self Sabotage’ was so confronting and daunting when I realised what I was getting myself into. Coming to terms with the fact that I was subconsciously putting myself in the same situations on repeat in different relationships because I wasn’t completely happy with myself before going into them was SCARY. I had a huge realisation and I almost didn’t want to finish a lot of the songs because I knew I would have to face the aftermath with each person when they realise which song is about who (fingers crossed they don’t). I became so self-aware while singing my own lyrics and started to seeing my pain from an outside perspective which helped with my self-growth a lot. 

“It’s so scary releasing such personal songs out, especially knowing I wrote them in a small ass room, me and my candles – I didn’t think I’d ever share it for the outside world to listen to. I just hope people can listen and it can help some people know they’re not alone in these situations if you’re going through something like I did.”

GRAACE’S big break came co-writing and featuring on ‘Numb’, the 2017 track from Australian artist and producer Hayden James which quickly became platinum in their homeland. A left-of-centre pop smash, it showcased GRAACE’s silky vocals which also saw GRAACE join Flight Facilities as a touring vocalist on their 2018 “The Return Flight” tour, playing shows across Australia as well as North America, Europe and New Zealand. It was quickly followed by the singer’s debut single ‘Kissing Boys’, an equally catchy bop that fleshes out a piano base with fluttering synths.


  1. Kissing Boys
  2. SOS
  3. Last Night
  4. Sorry In Advance
  5. Me Without You
  6. Spoken Word

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