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Single Release: Munnycat – Check It

The name Munnycat might be unfamiliar to you, but if you watch TV or browse the internet, chances are their colourful bops have danced through your headphones without you ever knowing. With over 100 commercial syncs including Fenty Beauty, eBay, Google, and Target, the LA noise pop production duo comprised of K808 + Khaledzou are well-seasoned producers. Munnycat is, in its totality, a two-person project; the couple write, produce, and shoot and edit their own videos together, lending new meaning to the phrase ‘dynamic duo.’
Today, Munnycat shares the new single, “Check It.” It’s a technicolour tune with car-rattling kick drums, grimy layered breakbeats, driving guitar, whimsical flourishes, and K808’s sweetly sassy formant-shifted vocal. It recalls Fatboy Slim’s big beat flare and Sleigh Bells’ raucous IDGAF attitude, coalescing into a contemporary sound that is uniquely Munnycat.
Speaking about “Check It,” Munnycat said: “Giving your attention and affection to some people is like a drug – but some of them can’t handle their s**t. This song is all about self-preservation against energy vampires but also – it’s a reminder that if you’re bringing good energy you’ll always get more of it back.
A fun production note – The part of the bridge that sounds like a squealy synth is actually Khaledzou singing ‘neener neener neener’ into a chain of guitar pedals.”

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