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Introducing The “WHITE” Collection by Tarik Ediz

Regal fairy tale princesses, sultry hints of old Hollywood glamour and voluminous cascading (detachable) trains that would make Charles Dana Gibson and his “Gibson Girl” swoon is what you will find in the “WHITE” collection from superlative bridal designer TARIK EDIZ.

Delivering elegance in its purest form, brides to be will be satisfied with his offering of silhouettes that cover the gamut of every brides desire and topped with subtle details that will entice not only the bride but also her bevy of admirers.  This season, the use of feathers and golden embellishments were incorporated into the designs to add a little sparkle and frost that will insure all eyes are on the bride as she gently glides down the aisle leaving onlookers in euphoric awe!

From delicate French and Italian lace embroidered artistic tapestries, intricate beading and applique details, soft lines, open backs, deep V’s, tiers, floral detailing and more!   The crucial part for all of Tarik’s designs is their femininity created by jewelled and embroidered details complimented by the satins and laces and unique textiles from Paris, Milan, Korea and Japan.  Each creation is handmade in Turkey.

Instagram:  @tarikedizofficial



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