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Single Release: Chloe Styler – When Your Light Burns

Born and bred on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Chloe Styler is not your typical artist. She’s influenced by a diverse range of artists including Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell and Kasey Musgraves which blended together with her personal experiences create the stellar singer/songwriter she is today.

Her parents took her to a Lee Kernaghan concert when she was just 5 years old, giving birth to her musically inspired upbringing. It lead to Chloe taking piano lessons the next year followed by singing lessons at 7, saxophone at 10 and finally teaching herself the guitar at 13.

In 2016 she recorded and released her debut EP which gave an insight into Chloe’s personal life and thoughts.  In 2018 she recorded her new single, “When Your Light Burns”, with Matt Fell (Tim Freedman/Ian Moss/Morgan Evans). Co-written with the acclaimed Fanny Lumsden, Chloe says its an ode to her childhood.

Chloe talks about the track:  “We all have that special place that we hold close to our hearts, and this song is about mine. When Your Light Burns is inspired by a Lighthouse that has stood tall in the Great Barrier Reef for over 150 years. This lighthouse has been a constant throughout my life, and reminds me that although I can feel alone, lost and completely unsure of what to do next, it will always be there to guide me home.”

Chloe’s unique and captivating voice has already attracted a variety of loyal followers of all musical tastes and has been compared to artists including Lisa Mitchell, Jewel and Julia Stone.



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