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EP Release: Boygenius – Boygenius


American singer-songwriters Lucy Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker aren’t the sort to let their solo careers stop them from forming a supergroup. As their paths crossed on the way up, they forged a mutual admiration and support network over email. Soon they decided to tour together, and so the idea of a tour single arose.

Their spark proved too fierce for just one song, and the result was Boygenius’s debut self-titled EP, on which their transcendent harmonies light up the likes of Dacus’s dreamy, gentle indie rocker Bite the Hand, Bridgers’ beautifully bruised Me & My Dog and Baker’s delicately melancholy Stay Down. The EP’s sleeve is a knowing pastiche of the first Crosby, Stills and Nash album, and their name, too, is an intentional appropriation. A boy genius, Bridgers told Rolling Stone, is “the guy that walks into the room and maybe has half the information, but totally commands the room in this crazy way”.

“We just tried to employ that energy for each other… even if you think it’s stupid, just harness some of that cocky attitude,” Dacus told Loud and Quiet. The tour that started it all has just kicked off in the US. With any luck they’ll be bringing that cocky attitude to the world too. Boygenius’s self-titled EP is out now on Matador Records.

The debut EP by this indie-folk supergroup is one of 2018’s most lovable records. With just six songs, it manages to present each member’s strengths — Lucy Dacus’ wit, Phoebe Bridgers’ melodies, Julien Baker’s affecting vocals — while also melding them together into an entirely new and immediate package. Whether you love each member’s solo work, or you’re looking for an entry point, Boygenius works equally well.

Track listing

Bite the Hand
Me & My Dog
Stay Down
Salt in the Wound
Ketchum, ID

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