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Baroqco Spring Summer 2019

Baroqco presented its Spring Summer 2019 collection during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week in January 2019.
High-fashion accessory pieces are all about the drama and showmanship – and the latest over-the-top jewelry designs from Baroqco are no exception. The Baroqco Spring/Summer 2019 haute couture collection was presented during Paris Fashion Week this January by designers Eduardo and Imelda Liem. The shining runway show in Paris, France was quite the elaborate affair.

The latest presentation of handcrafted, Netherlands artisan-designed Baroqco pieces included full headpieces, avant-garde masks, layers of statement necklaces, next-level chandelier earrings, and a fully bejewelled tiara that is pushing into full-fledged crown territory.

Baroqco designers Eduardo and Imelda Liem

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