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FRANKLIN EUGENE – Men’s Fall/Winter 2019/2020

The clothing range has some stunning classics in it as well as a level of grittiness (shredded jeans, head scarfs, gold chains) we’ve not seen from Franklin Eugene before.  The gold, red, and blue color palette that is undergirded mainly by black and green is bold and inviting.  The designer’s eye for pattern, texture, and colour come together in a way that stays true to tradition while leaning forward.  Comfort intersects with function and style.  Even with the use of bold colour and print, clean lines and strong silhouettes remain foundational elements.  Cozy, comfy, colourful, strong, enough said.

“When first interviewed for the collection, I announced I was more concerned with each installation standing alone than progression and transition.  However, as I look on the totality of the collection now, I see that it is replete with both transition and progression.  So, while I had independent installations on my mind, I subconsciously held true to the cohesion that is anchored by transition and progression,” noted Mr. Eugene.

We have a feeling we may see more of the FRANKLIN EUGENE MARF.  The designer told us this collection is the “appetizer for the FRANKLIN EUGENE MARF.”

The brand has plans to expand its direct to consumer footprint. Stay tuned.


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