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Single Release: Nouri – Favourite Goodbye

Emerging pop soul artist NOURI has just released her follow up single ‘Favourite Goodbye’. ‘Favourite Goodbye’ is about leaving someone toxic in your life, but always ignoring your brain and going with your heart, and finding a way back to them. Her emotional lyrics combined with her melancholic tone are enough to get you lost in memory with thoughts of your Favourite Goodbye. ‘Favourite Goodbye’ is set to make an impact worldwide following the success of her debut single, ‘Where Do We Go From Here,’ which was released end of 2018 and picked up by radio around the world where NOURI climbed in charts such as: #1 Hot 20 Charts, #1 Google Play Music Charts, #2 iTunes Pop Charts and #1 Pop Charts MENA.

Syrian born NOURI’s extraordinary story is one of empowerment and inspiration, emerging from her challenging experiences in a Syrian refugee camp to becoming a blossoming music star on the world stage. For NOURI, music is all about personal reflection enduring from her experiences. “I can’t write unless it’s real,” NOURI says about her creative process. Regardless of your music taste, NOURI has a little something for everyone. If you aren’t humming along to her catchy melodies, you will find yourself knee deep on her socials laughing at her infectious personality.


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