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Film Review: Nothing To Do

Director:    Mike Kravinsky

Cast:    Connie Bowman, Mike Kravinsky, Patricia Talmadge, Paul Fahrenkopf, Philip Lawton, Maggie Robertson, Bob Hurley, Stacy Lattisaw

Rating:    NR

Running Time:    81

Australian Distributor:     Nextnik Films


Family bonds are bonds that can’t be broken no matter how strained they may have become. “Nothing To Do” is a move that attempts to explain the relationships family members have together. The film answers these questions and more in what is an incredibly personal tale based on the real-life experiences of director Mike Kravinksy.   

Kenny (Mike’s character) is a disc jockey and on air radio personality. Upon finding out his father is slowly dying, Kenny attempts to make sure he enjoys his last days. However, his sister Rachel believes medical treatment is best. Kenny watches out for his father under hospice care.

While the film accurately depicts the final days of “Irv” (played by Philip Lawton), the challenges faced by “Kenny” (played by Paul Fahrenkopf) and sister Rachel (played by Connie Bowman) in the face of their father’s impending death, their reactions to it and the problems in their own lives (Kenny’s job problems and Rachel’s marital woes) are fictional.

The character of Kenny is relatable, though, and the family’s plight is an authentic one. Death can be a scary scenario, but one hopefully each person can individually prepare for throughout life. Love is a powerful thing and with the love of family even your last days can still feel like the best days.

Overall, this is a worthwhile film.  It hopefully points to the beginning of a good career for Kravinsky, especially if he can pull together some more of the types of compelling scenes we see here.





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