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French-made Stellia headphones by Focal coupled with the Arche amplifier has been launched to the Australia and New Zealand market. Exclusively available through BusiSoft AV and its authorised dealers, this new luxury audio solution emits superior sound quality and aesthetic brilliance.

Stellia closed-back headphones provide the purest soundproofing against exterior noise, featuring an exclusive former-less voice coil and magnetic coupling to reproduce the tiniest nuances with great precision. Whether bass articulation or the highest frequency details, Stellia ensures the richest quality output.

The crowning glory is the ‘M’-shaped pure Berylium dome – Focal’s signature innovation. This enables unfailing adherence to the original audio signal, rigidity for high SPL (Sound Pressure Level) while preventing distortion of the dome and flawless neutrality for accurate reproduction of voices and astonishing realism. Stellia uses a headband and yoke mechanical feature for a consistent curve and high resilience memory foam for flawless ergonomic comfort regardless of the listener’s face and head shape. The headphones are finished in cognac and mocha; and come with a rigid faux-leather travel case. Stellia is ideal for home and on-the-go use.

Stellia by Focal is available now through and its authorised dealers for AUD $4,499 and NZD$5399.

Arche completes the high-fidelity headphones with its unique electronic solution. This audiophile DAC and amplifier strongly increases the performance of headphones through its digital-analog converter and the amplification modes it integrates. Users receive amplification to suit their headphones and their preferred tonal balance.

Its dual mono ultra-high performance construction makes it possible to separate management of the left and right channels from the powering stage.

Arche by Focal is available from April through and its authorised dealers for AUD$3799.00 and NZD$4499.

Established over 30 years ago, BusiSoft AV is a personal and home audio wholesaler. The organisation distributes high end headphones, speakers, amps, personal audio players and other luxury audio equipment and accessories bringing the best international innovations to the Australian and New Zealand market.


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