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Single Release: Jackson Carroll – Holy Hell

Sydney songwriter Jackson Carroll opens up and bares all with debut single ‘Holy Hell’ – a perfect piece of indie music that introduces the listener to a young songwriter exploring an unapologetically emotional musical terrain. Melodically rich and compelling, ‘Holy Hell’ is uncompromising in its crafting and delivery. The first taste of his forthcoming EP, ‘Holy Hell’ is a snapshot of an artist properly coming into his own.

Reflective, contemplative and self-aware, Carroll’s debut offering demonstrates a clear artistic direction, as ‘Holy Hell’ explores the artist’s vulnerabilities and musical strengths.

As a vocalist, Carroll shines with depth and maturity; a romanticism akin to the tones of Matt Corby steeps his music in a place of intensity. Recorded at Sydney’s Noisegate Studios under production from Luke Carra (Caravana Sun) and Ian Pritchett (Angus and Julia Stone), ‘Holy Hell’ came to fruition in the ideal environment for an artist’s debut single, a  professional dynamic that has extended the recording of Carroll’s debut EP.. “It never really feels finished until you’re hearing [it] in a studio or with a band, with all the instruments in. I have an idea of what I want it to sound like, or some references I can point at and show to people and say, ‘I want it to sound like this’. It’s tricky to temper expectations when you’re comparing your stuff to stuff that already exists, but we did a good job of it!” Jackson Carroll

As 2019 continues to reveal itself, more touring and opportunities to spread his new music is high on Jackson Carroll’s agenda. Beginning with shows in Cronulla and Byron Bay this month, Carroll will be joined by Kingston County and Sami Cartwright, completing a line up of musicians that reflect the exciting crop of young musicians coming out of the East Coast.


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