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Ads-Up Gala 2019

The stars came out recently at the Ads-Up Gala, co-sponsored by Ultra Mobile, to support refugees being resettled in America.

Ads-Up Co-founders Ben Winsor and Australian fashion designer Fleur Wood were joined by hundreds of guests and celebrity appearances by Laura Brown, InStyle EIC, Rose Byrne, Australian actress, Donna Karan, the international fashion designer who founded DKNY, and Luke and Nicole Warne Shadbolt, influencers with a global audience of over 2.3 million.

Ads-Up and Ultra Mobile ( announced its partnership earlier this month to supply political refugees who cannot go back to their home country with 1000 months of free mobile service – a critical lifeline to info and resources. This will serve as the support system necessary to find stable employment and establish long-term independence.

Photos by Ben Everden

Luke Shadbolt and Nicole Warne Shadbolt
Laura Brown, Rose Byrne and Fleur Wood
Rose Byrne and Donna Karan
Imran and Fleur Wood
Fleur Wood and Ben Winsor
Laura Brown


Rose Byrne



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