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Single Release: Super Massive – Meltwater

Gold Coast based electro-rock explorers Super Massive have released a slamming new single “Meltwater”. Super Massive is the creative partnership of ex-Machine Gun Fellatio drummer/composer/ producer Glenn Abbott (aka Bryan Ferrysexual) and singer/songwriter Malina Hamilton-Smith.

“Meltwater’ is an energy-filled love song you’ll want to dance to. Intimate vocals soar into anthemic choruses. Squonking synths and propulsive synth bass interweave with crystalline electro sounds and funky guitar. A stomping Motown beat releases into Abbott’s signature thrilling funk rock drums, which are of a kind you don’t get to hear on pop songs any more.

Hamilton-Smith said, “It’s our first ballad, but we’ve kept it in our uptempo, euphoric, slamming style – we haven’t slowed down at all. We tried to capture the tumultuous euphoria and rush of emotions you can feel if you’ve been hurt but then let someone special in to warm your heart.”

“The idea of Meltwater as a title and using images from glacial melting to symbolise those emotions in a song came to me while I was watching a rerun of David Attenborough’s amazing nature doco about the melting ice caps and global warming, Frozen Planet. So it’s also an ode to the power of nature as well.

“The lyrics were also influenced by the Shakespearean sonnets and 19th century romantic poets I studied in English at high school and uni – some of that vibe crept in to help heighten the romance of the song”, Hamilton-Smith said.

Abbott said “A lot of the pop music being released now is close to 100% electronic, but I think it’s hard to capture a really visceral energy and excitement in your music when you’re creating it that way. Super Massive’s sound is a definite 50/50 electronic and rock split. Synths may dominate the sound, but there are no loops or samples. Everything is played in by hand, from the drums to the bass to the keys.”

“We’re coming at it more from the mentality that was around in 1979, where synthesisers were being used with a full live band behind them, except we’re using modern production.”

Abbott said the song was written and recorded at home and at a friend’s beach house on the NSW South Coast. “I had programmed most of the track when one of our friends invited us to stay at his place in Culburra, so we demo-ed the vocal ideas down there in this quiet little house by the beach. Then we came back and recorded the final vocals and guitar at home.”

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