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Film Review: An Unexpected Love

Director:    Juan Vera

Cast:    Ricardo Darín, Mercedes Moran, Claudia Fontán, Luis Rubio, Andrea Pietra, Jean Pierre Noher, Claudia Lapaco, Chico Novarro, Gabriel Corrado, Norman Briski, Andrea Politti

Rating:    M

Running Time:    135

Australian Distributor:    Palace Films


Juan Vera’s drama is a sweet, rich look into the deconstruction of a relationship and reconstruction of the two lives involved; it’s balanced, humane, filled with lovely, insightful dialogue about the nature of love relations.   

Marcos and Ana are a couple that have been married for 25 years. When their son goes to study in Spain and they are left alone, the monotonous routine of everyday life exhausts them to an extreme where they reevaluate their feelings and decide to separate. From here, the film will show how life is after each separation, with setbacks, successes and the reflection of all that has gone by.

There is not a single moment of falsehood in this story. That honesty is clearly reflected in the dialogue. Natural and everyday. Words and reflections that we have heard a thousand times from friends, colleagues and relatives. 

Some people will say that 135 minutes is too long for a film of this nature. Yet the extension is crucial for the film to establish its point. If you are going to propose to the separation as a solution and not as a problem, the passage of time becomes a fundamental resource.     

The two central performers are in very good shape, and also attractive without hiding their respective ages to boot. Mercedes Morán and Ricardo Darín display good range, from bliss to disappointment, always with an edge of good humour. The supporting cast, with many different colourful characters, is also very good. The film is far from adventurous as far as its aesthetics, but that doesn’t constitute a problem at all; the film moves at a fairly good pace and handles the passage of time without fuss.

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