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Smart mirrors set to revolutionise shopping experience

Our cupboards are hiding a collective $23 billion worth of unwanted clothing an on average, 36 outfits of our 75 garments on hangers remain unworn – yet how many times do we hear “I’ve got nothing to wear?”

Shopexp has answered those calls with its new unisex ‘smart’ mirrors, which not only save money and wardrobe space, but offers the first digital shopping experience of its kind in Australia to fashion and beauty lovers.

The two mirrors – one for the face and another for full body – allow potential customers to ‘try on’ clothes, makeup, jewellery and even eyewear, virtually.

With technology continually advancing and the fact that you can now order food to be delivered direct to your door and cars to arrive within minutes to take you to your destination, it makes sense that the next technology would be ‘smart’ mirrors – and if customers like what they see, they can also buy the items through the ‘mirror’.

Chandan Panda, Shopexp founder & director, is showcasing the mirrors at next Wednesday and Thursday’s Online Retailer Expo and Conference at the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC) July 24-25 – and he reveals he got the original idea for them whilst there last year.

“The Online Retailer expo and the people in the industry there gave me the motivation,” he says. “Everyone was talking about online and bricks and mortar stores competing with one another, so I decided to come up with something in between.

“This is not only a mirror, but a three dimensional, mobile digital pop-up store. For example, Myer might not have a physical presence at a shopping centre, but they could just have a few of these mirrors and a variation of clothes and different sizes, and people can ‘try’ them on and purchase from them directly.

“The idea is that it caters for both online and offline, and drives online customers in store, and in store customers online.”

Mr Chandan is in talks with major shopping, fashion, beauty, jewellery brands and is aiming to get the digital pop-up mirrors in shopping centres across the country.



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