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Single Release: Polymers – Believers

Brandishing polished rock melodies, yearning vocals and tight execution of modern rock and indie sounds, Sydney’s Polymer debut their new single ‘Believers’. Taken from the band’s forthcoming debut LP Zealots Box and ensuing NSW shows, ‘Believers’ is a striking example of the band’s versatility and ability to couple the harder hitting, Queens of the Stone Age-esque sounds on Zealots Box, with music that showcases vulnerability and emotional relatability. 

The trio, who formed in 2018, are all seasoned musicians in their own right, establishing themselves on Sydney’s rock scene in various projects and collaborations including Age Of Menace and Samsara. Together, Anthony Semrani (vocals/guitar), Constantine Kotsiras (drums) and Adam Barns (bass) have poured years of experience into this debut Polymer effort – the final result, a polished and impactful collection of rock music with their own trademark firmly stamped.

‘Believers’, along with the rest of Zealots Box, came together through sessions at a warehouse studio in Kingsgrove, produced and mixed by Andrew Covell before final mastering touches were applied by Sydney’s DB Mastering. Having the freedom to record in this warehouse environment, untethered by time restrictions, gave Polymer the opportunity to delve further into the musical influences they shared and brought to the process individually, poring over creative ideas that would soon flourish. “All our music has some serious undertones that inspire each track, be it a personal experience, or world events, we definitely have some strong opinions on a lot of things. Luckily we can express them, albeit under the guise of music.” Polymer

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