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Model Profile – Charlotte Cushing


Queensland beauty Charlotte Cushing has had a very hectic last three years. The Gold Coast model has been quite successful in several competitions she has entered, including Miss Supercars in 2016/2017, Miss World Queensland finalist 2016 and winning the Miss Townsville pageant 2019.  As an oncology nurse at Gold Coast University Hospital, she has juggled those commitments with her modelling ambitions with good effect.  We are very pleased to have Charlotte as the subject of our latest model profile.


Q & A

Q.  What is your family background?

A.  My family background is born and raised on the Gold Coast. My mum’s side were heavily involved in all things GC such as SLSC’s, nippers, surfing, and events around the area.  My father was also born here but spent some time of his childhood in Malaysia before moving back to Australia for school and also became involved in surf life saving and surfing. I’m so proud to be raised in such a beautiful part of the globe and wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Q.  Did you grow up in your early teens wanting to be a model?
A.  Growing up in my teens I had no idea I wanted to model or be involved in pageants until I was around 23. I started doing a few bits and pieces of small contracted work and developed a love for it later in life. I grew up in a highly competitive sporting world with my 5 siblings competing in swimming and touch football. I competed in the youth Olympics and just missed the open team by a few seconds. It was such a contrast when I switched from for interest to the other.
Q.  What have you discovered / learnt from the modelling scene?
A.  Being involved in the modelling scene I have found is very stressful but rewarding. The constant desire for women to look and be a particular way has in the past damaged a lot of girls’ self esteem and body image ideals. Now we see a lot more women and companies embracing every single type of woman rather than the skinny, boney, barely there girl, and that’s empowering to see. Ive learnt that not everybody is going to like you, and you have to get used to being told ‘no’, but luckily I’m the type of model that uses that as fire in my belly to move on to the next challenge. By being in this industry I’ve also learnt valuable life skills and become so confident within myself.
Q.  Career highlights to date?
Miss Supercars 2016/17 – travelling around Australia for twelve months learning media, interview and presentation skills
Miss Hawaiian Tropic 2018/19: current title holder which I handover in September. Off the back of that I was flown to Mexico last year to compete for Australia and placed 11th in the world. I’ve been invited back this year in November to try for the crown again and I couldnt be more prepared this time!
Miss Townsville 2019 current title holder: An amazing pageant held up North Queensland which I took home $10,000 cash and a gorgeous crown to match. Ive been working harder than ever this year to better myself and it is paying off.
Model Search winner current title holder 2019
Miss World 2016 QLD finalist- just missed top 10 in Australia!
Q.  Favourite hobbies?
A.  I love running. It’s the way I clear my head and challenge how far I can physically push my body. I also love paddle boarding with my dad and create one of a kind costumes for pageant use. I also enjoy Friday night cocktails with good friends. You have to find a way to unwind after a crazy week in good company.
Q.  Favourite music?
A.  I am a huge fan of old school R&B. It’s my gym playlist everytime and brings back so many memories growing up.
Q.  Favourite films?
A.  I have just watched ‘The Lion King’ and I’ve fallen in love with it all over again. I think it’s important that you watch things that ignite your inner child sometimes and bring you back to earth. I also love anything with Will Farrell. I’m always in stitches with his one liners.
Q.  Beauty tips?
A.  My number 1 beauty tip is PRP facials. I know they look gory and messy but the long term results are fabulous! Amazing for cell regeneration and collagen/elastin production. Great for fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and scaring. I’m always a firm believer in a good skin care routine with quality products specially around your eyes. Your skin is your biggest organ so you have to look after it. I literally cover myself in coconut oil at night as well to keep me hydrated.
Q.  What is your fashion sense?
A.  My fashion sense changes often and on the occasion. I tend to love tailored structured pants and a good set of nude pumps. I don’t wear much patterns and tend to sway towards a lot of white or plain colours. I do love a good jeans and blazer combo too. I barely ever go anywhere without a set of wedges either.
Q. What do you feel sexiest wearing?
A.  In all honesty, as long as you wear good lingerie that matches, your life is together! I could be wearing a garbage bag over the top and still feel a million dollars. Good underwear is an investment in yourself.
Q.  Advice for young girls aspiring to be models?
A.  My advice for young girls wanting to follow in my footsteps would be to not give up! If you want something bad enough and fail the first time, try again. Determination and rive does not go unnoticed. When you finally reach that goal, it also makes it sweeter and more precious to you. Nothing that’s good comes easy so work for the things you want in life.  I think its also important to love yourself and look after your body. You only have one so take good care of it in this industry.
Q.  What’s the craziest thing that you’ve done?
A.  I’m an adrenaline junkie! I have sky dived and bungee jumped before. I have also taken hot laps in a V8 supercar which I can tell you those things fly! I’ve also fed and swam with dugongs, seals and dolphins in Mexico which isn’t crazy but something I will never forget.
Q.  What’s the funniest pick up line you’ve encountered?
A.   Definitely has to be “Your name must be angel… because you have fallen from the sky and caught my heart” ummm ok?
Q.  Favourite place visited?
A.  Hands down Mykonos! That place is amazing! the weather, the people, the sea. It is truly a place of beauty. There is a gorgeous restaurant called Scorpios on the cliff of the main island that has the most incredibly sunset I’ve ever seen. They say it’s where the earth, the sea and the sky all meet at one time.  Its simply magic.
Q.  Do you have a role model/s?
A.  How can I go past my mum and dad! They gave up all everything to raise six kids and work two jobs each to put us through school and make sure we grew up strong, independent and educated adults. You don’t realise how much your parents sacrifice for you until you get a bit older. They have supported me through the tears and the absolute highs of my career. They have also encouraged me to be the best version of myself and aim high in life. I’m forever thankful to them.
Q.  People you’ve admired generally?
A.  People I admire are my amazing patients. I am an oncology nurse by profession and I love my job. Being able to save lives for a living is pretty cool. These people are true fighters and take every obstacle in their stride. They are heroes in their own right and I admire their passion for life, and will to live the best life they possibly can.
Q.  Are there any issues that you feel strongly about and would like to briefly discuss?
A.  I have huge issues with social media and the impact on young girls’ body image. Being a nurse myself, I have seen the most horrible outcomes of girls going to the extreme to try and ‘match’ what they see on their screens. Its so unrealistic and I wish girls would realise that so much editing and photo shop has been done to these images; so much so that it could never be physically possible to attain it. I wish for young girls growing up to be themselves and maintain individuality because that makes you unique and beautiful.
Q.  Future ambitions?
A.  My ambition right now is training and preparation for the international titles in November where I will again compete for the crown of Miss Swimsuit USA. I’m looking forward to another amazing experience and hopefully a better result this year.




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