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Single Release: Hartley – Used To

From her studio in Australia’s tropical idyll of Brisbane, the burgeoning artist known as Hartley sculpts beautifully rich songs that display both the effervescence of her youth, and the vastness of talent that belies her.

Placing her tingling vocal hooks atop a cloud of synths, Used To marries blissful ambience with racing, energetic rhythms – ebbing and flowing in intensity as it journeys past each exquisite chorus.

On the single, Hartley notes “Used To was a way for me to portray feelings of desire towards a person, it felt easier putting these thoughts into music rather than telling them face to face.”

While there is little of Hartley‘s story to tell thus far, it is because Used To is a true beginning… her first milestone as a solo artist. While emotionally-forthright music may be her palette right now, Hartley’s music is influenced by a pop-heavy upbringing, instilling a melodic sensibility to what she’s creating.

In a climate that’s celebrating risk-takers more than ever, Hartley is excited by the current state of music and the liberation found in those artist’s, as she says, screw you all attitude

Hartley graduated university with a Bachelor of Music but even then, she wasn’t sure whether she could make music full time. A year of applying for jobs that she had no interest in led her to make the move into moniker Hartley. I had this moment where I was like, ‘if I was going to do everything that I wanted to without feeling judgement what would I do?’ So, I dyed my hair in the craziest colour I could think of and moved to do music full time….

Inspired by how it feels to convert one’s diary into song, she began looping her vocals acapella, and Hartley then knew that production was the key to further explore. From writing and recording the song, to painstakingly shaping each synth sound, Used To is as much a testament to Hartley as a songwriter and producer as it is to her as a vocalist.

Used To is the first step for Hartley as she readies to release a host of definitive songs throughout 2019.

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