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Movie Trailer – Buoyancy

BUOYANCY tells the story of 14-year-old Chakra (talented newcomer, Sarm Heng) who, tired of toiling the rice fields day after day, leaves his home in Cambodia in search of a factory job in Thailand. After being smuggled over the border, Chakra is instead sold as a slave to a seafood trawler where he is trapped, and subjected to routine violence and abuse, all under the watch of ruthless captain Rom Ran (Thai director and actor, Thanawut Kasro).

Australian Writer/Director Rodd Rathjen’s feature debut is inspired by the real-life plight of young men and boys sold into South-east Asia’s fishing industry, which supplies forty percent of the world’s seafood, including Australia’s. Told through the eyes of a Cambodian boy who is enslaved on a fishing trawler with seemingly no way out, we see the side of modern-day slavery that most people are completely unaware of. There are currently 200,000 boys and young men enslaved on fishing boats in Southeast Asia.
The BUOYANCY team are hoping the film and its impact campaign will empower consumers to ask for transparency and traceability of our seafood products in our supply chains.
Consumers have a right to know, and should be asking where their seafood is coming from.
Starring  Sarm Heng, Thanawut Kasro
Directed by Rodd Rathjen
Umbrella Entertainment will release BUOYANCY in cinemas nationally on SEPTEMBER 26, 2019.
The trailer can be viewed here:

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