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Friday, October 4th, 2019


ADELINE ZILIOX Couture Show Fall Winter 2019 – 2020

I still can hear the crunch of my steps in the snow. The feeling of silence, standing in front of this frozen sea in the sunset. The purity of this scenery is such a fulfillment. Pure white. An unforgettable landscape, an inner light in front of such beauty. May others see like I do… Adeline Ziliox with her second Couture collection breaks the codes of Haute Couture. She proposes some radical urban and contemporary designs. A committed collection which exposes the devastation of our society among the big blue. TheRead More

ARMINE OHANYAN Couture Show Fall Winter 2019 – 2020

Nothing is static in this world. All movement means progression, change, development. As the present is evolving so fast, we would like to stop the time, to take wings and to fly away, to breathe… Thus, all terrestrial creatures with wings move, fly, and live freely in Nature. Similarly, the human being has always aspired throughout his development to a deep desire to fly to discover the unknown and closer to perfection: Nature. He created planes to fly. Armine Ohanyan Paris presents in the new collection of “LETFLY” this contrastRead More

13th Byron Bay International Film Festival

With just two weeks to go until the Byron Bay International Film Festival’s Red Carpet Gala Opening, excitement is mounting over the stunning selection of dramas, documentaries, short films, workshops and virtual reality experiences on offer. Held in the picture-perfect beach town of Byron Bay, the 10-day festival is a cinematic experience not to be missed. Narrowing the line-up down from a thousand submissions, organisers place an emphasis on content that raises social, cultural and environmental awareness. Plus, there is a whole event dedicated to innovation, showcasing films that use VR technologyRead More