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22nd UNAFF (United Nations Association Film Festival)

UNAFF 2019 will screen 60 documentaries that will change your view of the world.  It will be held from October 17-27, 2019.
As one of the oldest documentary-only film festivals in the United States, UNAFF brings together the interests of human rights advancement and cinematic achievement.
The 22nd UNAFF will be held for eleven days – six days in Palo Alto, one day in East Palo Alto, one day in San Francisco, and three days on Stanford’s campus.
UNAFF 2019 will present 60 documentaries spotlighting current events from across the globe, including its very popular programs UNAFF AND KIDS and UNAFF IN SCHOOLS.
UNAFF 2019 will host six panel discussions during which renowned experts will elucidate topics such as the role of prisons in our justice system, how fast fashion is polluting our planet, microbes resistant to antibiotics, how time has become money, women’s rights and the confluence of religious belief and medical practice, creativity and disability, the future of borders and military spending, campaigns to combat loneliness among the elderly, the environment, health and technology, philanthropy and social change, and the passion for producing human rights documentaries.
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