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The Adelaide Film Festival (ADLFF), in partnership with the Jim Bettison and Helen James Foundation, recently opened submissions for the annual Bettison and James Award.

The unique award both recognises a lifelong body of work that has shown an exemplary, significant and inspiring contribution to the wider Australian community. The $50,000 award will support and enable the recipient to further their endeavours and vision.

Submissions are invited from Australians from diverse fields of expertise including the arts and humanities, social justice, the environment or the sciences. To be in the running to be the 6th recipient of the prestigious award, candidates can be nominated by a third party or be invited to apply.

Highlighting the diversity of expertise that can provide a lasting contribution to the Australian community, the award has to date been won by adventurer and Environmental Scientist Tim Jarvis, eminent choreographer Meryl Tankard, arts photographer Robert McFarlane and creator of the Adelaide Festival of Ideas Greg Mackie OAM.

The most recent recipient is Jackie Huggins AM FAHA, a highly accomplished writer, historian, academic and social justice activist, and the co-chair of the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, the peak organisation representing the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The award is enabling Dr Huggins to pursue her chosen project in researching and writing a book of great national significance, on the social impacts surrounding the history of Aboriginal soldiers in both World Wars, following the story of her grandfather and father who served in the First and Second World Wars respectively.

Submissions for the award close on Wednesday 27 November and the winner will be announced Wednesday 8 January 2020.



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