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From school dropout to making music with international artists

At 15, most high school kids are more worried about studying than making a success of themselves. Not Sydney’s Nick Delahoyde. Nick made the decision to quit high school at the end of year ten to pursue his goal of being a world class soccer player.

“I was accepted into a leading soccer training academy in Spain which meant leaving behind my studies, friends and family” Nick says.

Living in Spain for four years and not knowing anyone became real isolating and wasn’t good for his mental health, so he turned to music to help him deal with his emotions which is when his career kicked off.

Travelling daily to and from soccer training, Nick used this time to express how he was feeling, through writing lyrics, which ultimately led him to produce his words of self-comfort into music tracks.

“I come from a family that is naturally talented in music, but I never thought about being an artist – soccer was always my passion. I sent back home my lyrics and then had my brother, Zuzu, record them and produce the tracks for me. After a while, I realised wow, I could have something here.”

Mustering up some confidence, Nick started posting his tracks on his Facebook page and then started to see some traction.

“I was 16 at the time when I first started putting my songs on social media and it really got some traction. People were liking and sharing my posts and kept wanting to know how they could listen to more”.

Nick got his first big break in the music industry when he was 19, turning 20, just five years ago. Nick flew to the USA to record his debut single with Lemoyne “LA” Alexander who has produced music for some of R&B’s biggest artists including R Kelly and the late Aaliyah.

“Through word of mouth, I was invited to Chicago, to record my first single, “The Longest Way”,

From here, Nick knew that this was a path that he wanted to follow and decided to leave soccer behind in Spain and head back to Sydney to keep recording and chase his music career.

Fast forward to today, Nick has now performed alongside the likes of Kid Ink, MAX and performed at the world’s largest R&B music festival, Rolling Loud, in the USA last year, where he performed on the same stage with A-list artists including Nicki Minaj and has worked with brands including Puma, Red Bull, Hard Rock Cafe, Beats By Dre and Asos.

Nick latest track, “Ghost”, is inspired by the downfalls of social media.

“Social media stripped me of all of my social skills, my confidence, my happiness and my friends. I spent so much time trying to please people that I had never met, and felt like I had to post certain photos because that’s what they wanted to see, it became my drug and i was addicted to it. I was left feeling like a ghost each day, but online I had a presence, which is a scary thought.”

“Ironically when you think you know what you want in life, often it’s not what life wants for you” Nick said.

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