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Single Release: Pretty Bleak – Jawline

For Melbourne indie-electro group PRETTY BLEAK, their first single out the gate is anything but. A strong and vibrant cut of music that demonstrates the musicality of the group, ‘Jawline’ is a dose of where the band is heading into, in the New Year. Hedonistic and thriving on some insatiable electro-driven pop melodies, ‘Jawline’ as PRETTY BLEAK’s debut, it is a defining effort and statement of intent. 

Developing their new music between vocalist Sam Thomas’ home studio and Homesurgery Recordings in Melbourne, PRETTY BLEAK brought engineer Jon Grace (Bakers Eddy, Dear Seattle) onboard the project to add some mixing finesse to tie up its final form. A final form that is marked by dark pop synths, soaring vocals and expert production layered throughout.

A song driven by a desire for sonic experimentation, ‘Jawline’ is the result of flipping the script and approaching songwriting differently. “The song is about finding a personal balance between vanity and pragmatism. Being able to utilise hedonism and direct it towards something beneficial, rather than frivolous or trivial. I wrote and recorded two and a half different demos of this song before I finally got it to a place where I was happy with the blend of interesting pop conventions, and more self-indulgent abstract sounds and compositions. The intention of it was to try and write something that could be seen as a more straightforward kind of mainstream single, without compromising the more unique aspects of the sound.” Sam Thomas, PRETTY BLEAK

Along with the debut single, Pretty Bleak also unveil the official music video for ‘Jawline’. As with song itself, the visuals embrace a dark, intoxicating tone. Inspired by surrealism and old school horror film tropes, director Tom Thomas turned a backyard shed in Box Hill North into a smoky lit playground. “At its core, ‘Jawline’ is a pop song, however I chose to focus on the song’s darker elements and accentuate those vibes through the use of surreal, horror-esque visuals. I drew inspiration from horror movies of the 70’s and 80’s, such as Dario Argento’s Suspiria, to establish a nightmarish setting for the video.” Tom Thomas


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