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Musicians Making A Difference Day

Youth charity Musicians Making A Difference (MMAD) uses music to create long term change in the lives of 20,000 at risk young Australians every year.

This year, on Musicians Making A Difference Day, MMAD and Universal Music Australia are encouraging all Australians to use the power of music to inspire change in the lives of people they care about. Music can break down barriers and change the course of a person’s life forever.

On MMAD Day, Friday 6th December, share a song or piece of music that has inspired you and had an impact on your life with the hashtag #myanthem.

Your anthem could become the music that makes a difference to someone else in their time of need.

 #myanthem | tag @mmadaustralia

An inspirational content series will roll out leading up to #MusiciansMakingADifference Day featuring international and local musicians sharing their stories about how music helped them through challenging times. Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic starts the series off today – watch here.

‘Music has helped me through difficult times, I think like anyone else. I had difficulty interacting with people and was very introverted and shy in my teenage years…… music was my release…… The song that changed the course of my life would be Jeff Buckley ‘Last Goodbye…. He inspired me to start a band.’’
– Ryan Tedder, OneRepublic

“At MMAD, we use the power of music to change the lives of young people in need. For so many, music has helped them survive unimaginable adversity and hardship including homelessness, mental illness and childhood trauma. It has helped many to not only survive, but to thrive in life. This MMAD Day, to create greater community impact and to raise awareness for MMAD, we’re asking you to share a song that has helped you to overcome personal challenges along with the hashtag #myanthem. The music you post may just make a difference in someone else’s life!” – MMAD founder Dominic Brook

Universal Music Australia partners with MMAD for its fifth year to mentor a group of young survivors to build a powerful campaign that shares some of the life-changing messages of the charity with the wider community. Young people are empowered to use their own life experiences to create a song, video and campaign that will challenge others to create personal and social change.

The efforts of the charity and the power of music will be celebrated alongside the song and video release on #MusiciansMakingADifference Day, Friday December 6.


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