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Introducing Anamika Khanna

Anamika Khanna is best known for her eponymous label Anamika Khanna and is much revered in the industry. Her collection is an act of presenting India’s rich craft encapsulated in global contours. Anamika’s philosophy is about innovation with regards to the Indian style, while also keeping it extremely relevant to the modern world.

For instance, the dhoti pant, commonly accredited to the brand, is now accepted as a modern high waist trouser worn with a dupatta or the Indian skirt. Another example is the pick up skirt where the silhouette is used within an Indian context. Anamika used soft fabrics with added drapes while clinching it to the waist for structure. Teamed up with kurtas and capes, boots and shirts gives a perfect example of modern relevance.

Seen as highbrow and sartorial in equal measure, Anamika has been reigning the crown of many firsts. From being the first Indian woman to showcase her collection in the Paris Fashion Week to being part of the Business of Fashion 500 list, Anamika is considered a role model to women in India.

Anamika Khanna is all about finding your own personal style and having the dream and vision to express them to the world around you. 


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