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Single Release: Golda – Villain


“Irresistible” – Complex
“Sounds Like: Swimming pool ripples that are capable of making music on their own” – Highsnobiety
“It´s this kind of music that you switch on … and are carried away by the smooth sound” – C-Heads

Elusive Berlin-based duo GOLDA follow up simmering debut EP with the announcement of  a diverse and complete Remix EP treatment. Following on from “NsfW  Remix” by DRKTMS, and a KAYTRANADA-esque take on “Jaded” by Australian producer Tentendo – GOLDA bring down the energy with their own stripped back version of single Villain, showcasing the strong live performance potential for the group.

With a sound that has drawn comparisons to music icons such as Frank Ocean, The Weeknd and Miguel, GOLDA welcomes the listener into a world of dark and grotesque R&B, drowning in sonic percussion and sub-bass.

GOLDA is a still pretty much anonymous duo with a unique approach to contemporary R&B. We learned that they choose Berlin as their homebase to create dark, sweaty, drug-infested tracks. With their soundscapes & lyrics, they are trying to make sense of a certain type of woman. Fascinating and bewildering at the same time.

Pervertedly extrovert, yet inexplicably shy. GOLDA drags you into their world, drowning in lo-fi samples, subbass, hard hitting drums & smoothly floating multi-layered vocals. They are just getting started in quest of making sense of all the emotional mess that surrounds us. Come along for the ride.


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